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Our Company

Édition Lingerie was founded with the intention of making the experience of finding the right bra seamless, inspiring and comfortable. It’s a product category that’s certainly very tricky–there are hundreds of choices, very discrete sizing differences, many different product types. No wonder 80% of woman are wearing the wrong bra.

The company was founded by Guillaume Kretz and Alexandrine Koegel, while at Columbia Business School. Guillaume, whose initial exposure to lingerie came from his family business, saw that there was a huge opportunity to really innovate in the e-commerce space. Alexandrine, who was creating her own line at the time, heard the many frustrations women had, and also the opportunity to create a more designful experience.

Édition Lingerie aims to guide a woman to her right bra through inspiring editorials, guided purchasing and a seamless try-at-home experience. We believe that great style begins with lingerie and it should be the foundational piece of a woman’s wardrobe; after all, you can spend 1000 euro on a dress, but if you’re wearing the wrong bra, it just won’t look good.

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